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Happy Healthy Holidays

Searching for holiday gifts, and in particular, healthy holiday gifts?


Consider these products below for stocking stuffer ideas and simple gifts!
  • Sleep Products:
    • Receiving restful sleep is a foundational component of optimal health. To ensure an optimal sleep environment is achieved, make sure that there you create a completely dark environment in your bedroom. You can do this by purchasing black out curtains or by using a sleep mask. Also, make sure noises are minimized to prevent sleep interruption. Some individuals are more sensitive to sounds than others, and one solution is investing in a sleep sound machine to block out noises that can disrupt your sleep. You can adjust the volume on this sleep sound machine as well as choose from a variety of sounds.
    • Sleep mask: this is also great to take with you when you are traveling.
    • Sleep sound machine this is helpful for when you have guests in town (for both yourself and for them) or you are staying with family or friends. I always travel with mine, and this brand is very lightweight so it fits easily into my carry-on bag.
  • Dry Skin Brush
    • Your lymphatic system is such a key organ system in the body, as it helps you to eliminate toxins and infectious materials from the body. Supporting it via regular exercise is key. One other way you can support it is by daily dry skin brushing. This technique is gentle and should only take a couple of minutes to complete. I recommend incorporating it as part of your bedtime routine
  • Jump Rope
    • Finding a fitness routine that works for you may take some time. Overall, having a weekly routine that involves cardio, strength training, and flexibility is a good goal to achieve. If you’re a frequent traveler, packing a jump rope and resistance bands can keep your routine consistent. This will also come handy during the holiday season when life gets busy and you want a quick workout routine.
  • Healthy Candles
    • Candles are delightful to light up during the holidays but did you know many conventional candles emit a variety of toxins into your air when they are lit? Everything from the wax, wick, and scents used makes a difference. This soy candle by Mrs. Meyer’s is an eco-friendly product and you may already have their other house cleaning products.
  • Organic coffee
    • If you’re a coffee fanatic, you may want to upgrade your coffee game. Many coffees sold on the market are not high quality and contain toxins. I’ve been using Tony’s brand for some time and I love their Cafe Carmelita one. Tony’s brand is organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee. I buy my beans whole and grind them every few days for greater freshness (better yet is to grind them daily).
  • 64 Oz Hydration Bottle
    • Drinking half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water per day is key to maintaining a well hydrated body! I was surprised to learn how many individuals who are living in Arizona do not receive enough water for their body weight. One of the most common comments I hear from my patients regarding their lack of hydration is that they forget to drink water throughout the day. What I’ve found to be a great system is to purchase a 64 ounce water bottle (or two for greater convenience) and take it with you wherever you go. Simple Modern Water Bottle is a brand I’ve been using for a couple of years and I have been impressed with their quality. I also recommend purchasing the flip lid as well for easier use and less spills.
  • Supplement Organizer 
    • You may set great intentions to take your supplements, but unless you have a simple system to keep them in front and center of your mind, you may miss certain doses. Creating a system for taking your supplements will keep you consistent and on track. I really like this supplement kit which provides three individual cases per pack to store your supplements in. I recommend taking out each individual case per day and placing it in your bag to take with you to work or placing it somewhere in sight if you work from home. When I go out to eat at restaurants or at a friend’s home, I place it on the table right away so I don’t forget to take my supplements.
  • Shower Filter
    • Unless you are bathing daily in fresh spring water, you’re probably getting a good dose of chlorine and chloramines from your showerhead. Chlorine can dehydrate and irritate your skin and promote premature aging. It can also strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to become brittle. Aside from the damage to your skin and hair, it can cause internal imbalances such as a weakened immune system, breathing difficulties, impaired kidney function, and fatigue. A great shower filter can offset the effects of chlorine and other toxins found in your municipal water. I highly recommend investing in a high quality shower filter and a high quality water filter.



Dr. Yas



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