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How to Make a Mustard Poultice for a Cough

Mustard poultice is a great way to reduce mucus buildup in the lungs, enhance circulation, and facilitate fevers by warming the body.

Supplies needed

  • Mustard seed powder
  • Flour- any kind will work
  • Thin cotton cloth, twice the size of treatment area
  • Water
  • Oil-olive, castor, coconut


  1. Mix 1 part mustard seed and 2 parts flour (strong); or 3 parts flour (mild) together
    1. 1 part = 1 Tablespoon, but you can use 2 parts (2 Tablespoons) if more is needed
  2. Add water slowly- small amounts at a time, should be a paste-like consistency
  3. Moisten the cotton cloth, spread a thin layer of paste onto the cloth, leaving 1-2” at the edges
  4. Fold cloth over herbs, so the mustard mixture is in the middle, between two layers of cloth
  5. Put a small amount of oil on the skin where the mustard pack will be applied
  6. Place mustard pack on skin, leave for 5-20 minutes MAXIMUM (10 minutes in children)
  7. Wrap up in a blanket
  8. Skin should become pink/light red in colour.



  • If it starts to feel too hot, as though it’s burning, REMOVE the pack, and dilute the mixture
  • Mustard can be irritating to the skin, check the skin frequently and remove if skin is red, glowing; normal reaction is pink to light red



  • Appendicitis, abdominal cramping, near sensitive tissue-eyes, face, genitals, application directly to skin, caution in acutely swollen joints (sprains)



  • Any type of chest congestion-apply pack to chest or back
  • Common cold/Bronchitis/Pneumonia
  • Pharyngitis-place pack around neck
  • Painful periods-place over pelvic area
  • Arthritis-apply pack to painful joints
  • Sore muscles- apply pack to sore area


Feel better!